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MartiDerm THE ORIGINALS Hydra plus 30 Ampoules

MartiDerm THE ORIGINALS Hydra plus 30 Ampoules

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 Moisturising and firming formula with proteoglycans and Vitamin C that moisturises intensely, makes skin bright, has an antioxidant power and helps reduce wrinkles. Proteos Hydra Plus by MartiDerm comes in an ampoule format with vitamin C.

Main Actives


Provide structure and hydrate the skin.

Vitamin C

Powerful antioxidant.


Proteos Hydra Plus ampoules start working from the first use, moisturising and brightening the skin, leaving it more supple. Daily use prevents and corrects wrinkles and increases skin firmness.

  1. Shake the ampoule gently. 
  2. Use the Easy Open to open the ampoule, following the instructions on the box.
  3. Apply half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline. 
  4. Massage in gently until fully absorbed

Clinical studies

91 % Antioxidant efficacy against UVA radiation.*
89 % of participants said their skin looked brighter.**
89 % of users said their skin looked firmer.**
38% of participants said the product moisturised their skin.**


*In vitro preclinical study of the protective and antioxidant effects against UVA radiation-induced oxidative stress, in the form of oxidative stress reduction, after 24 hours of treatment on reconstructed human epidermis.

** In vivo clinical study on 28 women aged 40 to 59 with dry skin under dermatological control at an independent centre.

The product’s moisturising efficacy after 28 continuous days of application twice a day was objectively determined using a Corneometer® CM 825.

The participants also evaluated its efficacy subjectively.

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