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MartiDerm PLATINUM Neck-Line Correct Serum

MartiDerm PLATINUM Neck-Line Correct Serum

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Neck-Line Correct Serum is a firming serum especially created to care for one of the most forgotten areas: the neck, neckline and facial contour. Thanks to its combination of innovative ingredients, it drastically improves this area, reducing wrinkles and firming the neck and neckline. It also deep-moisturises and helps reduce a double chin, making skin look younger.

Main Actives


The antiaging mushroom.





Firms, evens tone, reduces wrinkles and rejuvenates the neck, neckline and facial contour. Reduces double chin.

    1. Apply to neck and neckline morning and/or night.
    2. With the palm of the hand, make upwards circular movements from the neckline to the collar bone.
    3. Slide hand from the middle to the side of the neck.
    4. Slide fingertips from below the chin up to the ears.

Clinical studies

95 % of participants said it moisturised the skin with no sticky feeling.

100% of participants said their skin was softer and smoother after using the product.

100% of participants said it reduced wrinkles on the neck and neckline.

17% Sagging reduction.


In vivo clinical study on 21 women aged 45 to 65 under dermatological control at an independent centre. Objective determination of improvement of the facial contour using AEVA-HE fringe projection technology after 28 days of use twice a day. The participants also evaluated its efficacy subjectively.

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