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MartiDerm PLATINUM Experssion Gel 15ml

MartiDerm PLATINUM Experssion Gel 15ml

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Expression Gel is a dedicated antiaging product for crow’s feet, the lip contour, eye contour and other expression lines. It works at different levels, filling, relaxing and redensifying wrinkles. It is the effective, safe, convenient and more natural alternative to Botox. That is why it stands out for its Botox-like effect. 

Main Actives


Reduces expression lines.


Reduces expression lines.


Expression Gel contains hyaluronic acid and other components such as octapeptide and Syn®-Ake complex to treat and prevent wrinkles and expression lines thanks to their moisturising, filler and relaxing effect. It works around the eyes, forehead, between the brows and the nasolabial folds with a Botox-like effect, making it a noninvasive alternative to medical cosmetic treatments. It can also be used in conjunction with Botox.

  1. Apply a small amount of product to expression lines on the eyes, forehead and lips.
  2. Massage in gently until fully absorbed.
  3. Apply morning and/or night.

Clinical studies

11 % Reduction in crow’s feet.
16 % Reduction in forehead wrinkles.
95 % of participants said their skin was softer and smoother.
82 % of participants said it reduced wrinkles and expression lines.



In vivo clinical study on 22 women aged 44 to 69 under dermatological control at an independent centre. Objective determination of anti-wrinkle efficacy via topometry (FROTIS) after 28 days of use twice a day.

The participants also evaluated its efficacy subjectively.

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