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MartiDerm ESSENTIALS Blooming Toner

MartiDerm ESSENTIALS Blooming Toner

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Blooming Toner is the facial toner from the MartiDerm Essentials range with a fresh fluid texture ideal for normal and dry skin. Brightens, softens and moisturises, removing impurities from the skin and preparing it for subsequent treatments. Your skin always clean, soft and revitalised.

Main Actives


Help balance the skin microbiota.


Provide structure and hydrate the skin.


Moisturises, brightens and softens. With a toning and revitalising effect.

  1. Soak a reusable makeup remover pad in the solution.
  2. Wipe gently over face, neck and neckline after your regular cleansing. Do not rinse.
  3. Apply morning and night.

Clinical studies

89 % of participants said their skin looked more revitalised and toned.
93 % of participants said the study product gave them a feeling of comfort.
20 % of participants said their skin was more moisturised.
8% of participants said it made their skin brighter.


In vivo clinical study on 29 women and men aged 21 to 67 with normal/dry skin under dermatological control. The product’s moisturising and brightening efficacy after 28 continuous days of application twice a day was objectively determined using, respectively, a Corneometer® CM 825 and a Glossymeter® CL 400 at an independent centre. The participants also evaluated its efficacy subjectively.

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