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MartiDerm ACNIOVER Serum 30ml

MartiDerm ACNIOVER Serum 30ml

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 Anti-blemish serum that balances the skin microbiota and regulates its pH for a sebum-regulating effect and blemish-free skin. Light, easily absorbed texture. 

Main Actives


Improves and protects the outermost layer of the skin.


Aid the skin’s natural defences.


Acniover Serum combined with Acniover Capsules is one of the 3 basic steps in the MartiDerm strategy against acne: prevention. The serum texture means the active ingredients are rapidly absorbed in effective concentrations, reducing the amount of sebum and reddening and preventing the appearance of blackheads.

  1. Put a little serum on your hands.
  2. Apply to clean, dry skin.
  3. Massage in until fully absorbed.
  4. Apply morning and/or night.

Clinical studies

32% reduction in blemishes.
80 % of users reported a reduction in pore size.
70 % of participants said their skin had less shine.
70 % of participants said the study product mattified their skin without drying it out.

Clinical study on 20 people under dermatological control at an independent centre.

The reduction in porphyrin secretion and blemishes (blackheads, acne scars, etc.) was objectively determined using VISIA® technology after 28 days of application twice a day (morning and night). 

Porphyrins are bacterial excretions that can get trapped in the pores, clogging them and leading to acne.

The ability to regulate skin pH was also evaluated, given that skin with unbalanced pH is more prone to acne.

The participants also evaluated its efficacy subjectively after 28 days of use.  

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