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MartiDerm ACNIOVER Purifying Gel 200ml

MartiDerm ACNIOVER Purifying Gel 200ml

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Daily-use cleansing gel for acne-prone skin. This facial cleansing gel for acne deep-cleanses pores, reduces excess oil and balances the skin microbiota. It does not dry the skin out and respects its pH.

Main Actives


Help balance the skin microbiota.

Witch hazel extract

Astringent, antimicrobial and soothing effect.


Acniover Purifying Gel reduces excess oil without drying, respecting the skin’s pH and rebalancing with its prebiotic content, green tea and witch hazel extract

  1. Dampen the skin.
  2. Put a little gel on your hands.
  3. Apply to slightly damp skin and massage in.
  4. Rinse with plenty of water.

Clinical studies

60 % of users said their skin had less shine.
70 % of participants said the product cleansed their skin without drying it out.
100% of participants said their skin looked more purified after using the product.


Use test on 20 people aged 12 to 22 under dermatological control at the dermatology department of a reference hospital.

Subjective evaluation after 56 days of use combined with Acniover Active Cremigel. 

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