MD Expression

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Use twice a day, in the morning and at night, before application of other cosmetic treatment. It is advisable to apply the quantity corresponding to squeezing the container once on each area, gently massaging it in following these guidelines:


  • Eye contour → circular massage at the temples
  • Forehead and between the eyebrows → massage from the centre to the sides
  • Nasolabial fold → massage from the centre of the face outwards
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Treats eye and lip contour and expression lines. Supplements and/or alternative to botulinum toxin (Botox) treatments. Corrective action of static and dynamic wrinkles (expression lines). Powerful relaxing action and intensive anti-ageing effect. Fluid texture and rapid absorption.


The combination of active ingredients in this product specifically for expression lines has a triple effect (the 3R’s):

  • Relaxes the skin.
  • Restores density (moisturising deep down and on the surface).
  • Replenishes wrinkles.

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The Anti Aging Range


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