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MartiDerm’s Sheet Masks – A Crowd Favourite

MartiDerm has included 5 sheet masks into its facial care line. These masks are developed in Spain, and made in Korea. Their ease of use, instant results and visible benefits make them one of the leading products around today.

Sheet masks are a favourite and a staple in the Asian skincare routine.

They have an occlusive effect, meaning that the active ingredients they are infused with penetrate intensively and at the same time boost the benefits of any product applied as a previous and subsequent step.

Here are 4 skincare rituals that consist of MartiDerm sheet masks that target 4 different skin concerns!


Are you an urbanite or need intense moisturisation?


The first thing to do is to choose the proteoglycan ampoule most suited to your skin: Proteos Hydra Plus, Proteos Liposome or Night Renew.
Then apply an URBAN DETOX MASK or MOISTURISING MASK: moisturisation, comfort and detox effect.
Wait a few minutes before removing and finish the treatment with our Urban Serum: Urban Force Serum – on top, for day, or Urban Restore Serum for night.

Do you need to mattify your skin?


To start, apply our lightest oil-free ampoule Proteos Liposome to clean, dry skin.
Then choose ACNIOVER SOOTHING MASK to balance, moisturise and mattify the skin.
After removing the mask, and as a final step, use Urban Force Serum – On Top for a sebum-regulating and mattifying final effect to control shine while still giving you hydration and protection.


Passing of time and dark spots have you worried?


Begin the process with the Photo-Age or DSP-Bright ampoule by day, or Night Renew at night.
Continue by applying a WHITENING MASK: it will help reduce dark spots and even tone.
Finally, use Proteum Serum for a moisturising and firming anti-wrinkle effect or DSP-Serum Brightening for dark spot prevention.


Need to revitalise your skin?


For this last ritual, choose the proteoglycan ampoule most suited to you: Proteos Hydra Plus, Proteos Liposome or Photo-Age.
As a second step, apply NIGHT RENEW MASK, which helps reduce blemishes and wrinkles thanks to AHAs. Revitalise your skin.
Finish your intensive treatment with Night Renew Serum.

Which ritual is yours? Whichever you choose, we know you’re going to enjoy it!