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MartiDerm Proteos Liposome Ampoules for Oily and Reactive skin (Liposomas)

The iconic Liposomas ampoules gets a brand new packaging and is now called Proteos Liposomes. It is the oil-free version of our Signature Proteoglycanos ampoules (now called Proteos Hydra Plus), that gives the same intense hydration, while being gentle enough for reactive skin.

The Proteos Liposome ampoules contain the same proteoglycans, hydrating and firming properties as its other counterparts in the Signature range, but with an added component, that is the liposomes.

Vitamin C in Liposome Form

In the Proteos Liposome ampoules, Vitamin C is stored in liposomed form (don’t worry, we’ll explain in a moment). This means that the Vitamin C is contained inside a liposome, which acts as a vehicle for direct penetration, preventing irritation in sensitive and/or reactive skin.

Proteos Liposome ampoules would be ideal if you’ve been diagnosed with rosacea or couperosis, or have extremely sensitive skin.

The liposomes in this particular ampoule also contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E, beside helping the skin heal and nourishing the skin, is also suitable for skin types that produce excess oils.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and plays an essential role in the regeneration of skin and in the elimination of scar tissue. This means it is highly recommended for blemished or acne-prone skin, thanks to its regenerative effect.

Given that the liposome ampoules target oily skin, they are made using an oil-free formula. In this way, we can prevent the product itself from generating even more oil on the skin.

The final part of the formula of the ampoules is extract of glycolic hamamelis, which can calm down delicate skin and has a light astringent effect on oilier skin types.

How are they used?

Due to their light, fresh texture, liposome ampoules are suitable for everybody, both women and men. They are applied in the same way as the rest of the range: we recommend applying half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline before your usual cosmetic treatment, either by day or at night.

To sum up, liposome ampoules are practically identical to proteoglycan ampoules, except that they target people who have problems with acne or with reactive or oily skin.