Acne-prone Skin, Aging, Depigmentation

Treatment for Freckles, Sun Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Treatment for Freckles, Sun Spots and Hyperpigmentation (MartiDerm: DSP Sun Protection Range)

Blemishes affect the majority of women. No one has perfect skin, and even the clearest skin is prone to blemishes as a result of sun exposure.

The most effective way to have clear blemish-free skin is to start with PREVENTION, which means SPF is extremely important, not only to prevent the formation of spots but also help in the healing and lightening process of a blemish. Needless to say, it is also an essential part of anti-aging.

MartiDerm’s DSP line includes five products adapted for all skin types, all routines and all types of blemishes.

In the daytime, it is absolutely essential to be well protected from the sun. For this, we recommend DSP Day Cream, which acts specifically against hyperpigmentation and has a sun protection factor of SPF 50+.


Its depigmenting function and SPF 50+ sun protection come together to both prevent and treat dark spots, freckles and acne scars. The cream is simple to use: apply it all over your face, whether blemishes are localised or generalised. This allows the sun screen to completely protect the face as a whole, preventing the appearance of new blemishes.


This is the perfect accessory to use in the day, as it offers localised sun protection, especially for dark, localised blemishes. It helps to continue the process of depigmentation during the day, and camouflages the dark tone of blemishes. The product’s natural tone adapts to all skin types.

Remember that for guaranteed effectiveness, sun screen should be applied approximately every two hours. With Martiderm’s Stick Cover, you can do this easily and confidently whenever you want.



This is the most intensive treatment in the range, a clay mask with an occlusive effect which improves the absorption of the ingredients, resulting in a more effective treatment. It is best to use the mask daily.

What routine should I follow to apply the DSP-MASK?

To check your skin tolerates the product, apply the mask progressively for the first three days: 30 minutes on the first day, an hour on the second and approximately two hours on the third day.

If your skin tolerates the product well for these first days, you can leave it on all night from then. If your skin is sensitive, however, we still recommend using the mask daily, but for no longer than two hours. The mask is easy to remove with warm water. After drying your skin, you can apply your usual night treatment.




Don’t forget that perseverance is the key to good results. Finally, if you want to properly maintain your skin during the summer months, we recommend the following routine: apply DSP Illuminator Serum before your regular treatment, day and night, and DSP Mask for 30–45 mins once a week.