What is Micellar? – MartiDerm’s Micellar Range and How to Use It

Micellar water has been used for years in daily facial cleansing. In this post, we explain the mechanics of Micellar water and how it’s such an effective deep facial cleanser.

What are micelles?

micelle is a structure of grouped molecules that bond a collection of particles in a peculiar way. Through the formation of these structures is the mechanism by which some of our soaps dissolve in oil. But, how does that happen? Because we know that fat (oil) and water repel each other. Simple. The micelles form circular polarised structures, where the external part attracts the fat (the lipophilic part) while the internal part attracts the water (the hydrophilic part).

Put simply, micelles effectively lifts the oil off the surface of the skin, for a deep cleanse.

What are micelles used for?

Because of this mechanism, if our product contains micellar water it can act as a surfactant booster. This therefore cleans the surface of the skin because we have the capacity to attract the dirt and grease, like a magnet, which becomes trapped in this type of micellar structure. After gently removing the impurities, we will acquire the micelles and their contents.

But… I have sensitive skin, will it cause a skin reaction?

These micelle molecular bonds are very small and are able to remove all of the substances that nestle on the external part of the skin, such as residual contamination, remains of sebum or grease, residues of make-up, dead corneal cells… etc. Even though these structures are really small, they cannot be absorbed by our skin. Therefore there is no risk of allergic reactions.

The first step… towards healthy skin: Daily facial cleansing

This is a must. Facial cleansing is essential so that there is an appropriate cell renewal and that the skin absorbs the necessary nutrients and appears healthy and brighter.

Different textures: One function

The micellar formula can be found in different textures. They were normally only found as liquids in aqueous solutions, because of the molecular composition. But currently there are formulations providing textures that are more emollient and dense. Even though we think that, because of what’s explained above, it is not possible for micelles to be more colloid and antagonistic against oil, due to their structure.


The gels or oils can become fluidised and therefore incorporate micellar structures. This has visible advantages for dry or sensitive skin since we are able to avoid the fragility when starting the treatment. You are able to reduce friction during application without reducing the potential cleaning action to mobilise more fluidly.

MartiDerm’s Micellar Range:

1. Micellar Solution (Water)

The Micellar Water is suitable for all skin types and is a no rinse formula which makes it super easy for cleansing the face when you are in a hurry, or are tired after a long day out.

It will not leave the skin dry or feeling stretched after cleansing.


2. Micellar Gel

The Micellar Gel leaves the skin moist and supple. Simply massage the gel into damp skin to thoroughly remove makeup, and rinse off to achieve clean and moist skin.


3. Micellar Oil

We recommend that if you have fragile and dry skin to use oily formations. The Micellar Oil is non-comedogenic, which means it cleanses your pores instead of clogs them, and is suitable for dry skin. Apply to dry face and massage with fingertips. Then moisten lightly until the product becomes white. Finally rinse with water.