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MartiDerm FLASH Ampoules: How to Achieve INSTANT Brightening

The FLASH ampoule provide’s an instant brightening and smoothing effect, much like a makeup base or primer, for use on special occasions such as dinners or even your big day.

Benefits include:

  • Firming effect.
  • Anti-fatigue action.
  • Visual concealment of small wrinkles and imperfections.
  • And for those of us using make-up, it will help set it better and for much longer.

But it’s not just for women: men can enjoy the benefits of this fantastic product too. It has a light texture, absorbs easily and smells absolutely lovely.

How to use

Unlike our treatment ampoules, we recommend applying MartiDerm Flash ampoules after your usual cosmetic treatment, for example after cleansing and applying an eye contour product:

  • Routine treatment: proteoglycan ampoules, moisturising cream or serum.
  • Flash ampoule.
  • Make-up (optional).

This ampoule is suitable for all skin types, from dry to oily, including people with sensitive skin.

Its ingredients include:

  • Firming proteins: for an immediate lifting effect.
  • Hyaluronic acid: provides additional external moisturising. Fills small wrinkles and expression lines and helps set make-up.
  • Organic silicon: boosts the firming effect to improve the skin’s tautness.
  • Reflective particles: generate a soft-focus effect. As well as producing extra light for an anti-fatigue effect, these particles also create an optical effect that conceals the skin’s small imperfections.

Each ampoule contains enough product for two applications; these can be used on alternating days. Gently massage the product into your skin until it is fully absorbed. The best way is to measure out a small quantity into your hand and spread it evenly over your face with a gentle massage, always moving from bottom to top.

If you’re going to show off your neckline or back, you can make the most of the ampoule and apply the rest of the product to these areas for a beautiful glowing effect.

Now that the spring and wedding season are officially upon us, a miracle youth booster might just be what you need to look extra beautiful on your big day!